The Montana
Rocky Top Cabin
in Yellowstone Country

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Guest Journal

Guest Journal

Stars so bright, clear morning light
Rocks so Rosy, Cabin so Cozy
Fresh scent of Pine, no sense of Time
Cloud wisps on the Mountain,
Sweet rain on the roof,
limpses of deer, marmot, moose
Click of a hoof?

Racing water speeds by, so soothing a sound.
The breeze is a-blowin', my angst comes unwound.
This Rocky Top Cabin, so restful a place
So nice to come back to after the race
To see all the Glories God gave to the Land
By the grace of His vision
And the touch of His Hand. 

-- The Hawks of Dover, Ohio

It was a wonderful week. The cabin warmed up nicely and stayed that way all week. Cooke City and the surrounding riding areas are unbelievable. We were amazed that within a mile or two we could be out in play areas on the sleds. All in all we played hard and had a great time. Your cabin is so very cozy and the decor all matching and well thought out made it quite cozy. Thanks again for your hospitality and making us feel welcome.-- Josh and Jennifer Stark

What a great place to spend our Honeymoon!  The cabin was perfect!  Beautiful scenery, wildlife, remote... We loved the decor and especially the fireplace. -- Lisa and Eric

Cooke City was charming and this cabin was perfect for us.  Ryan, 10, enjoyed his reading loft downstairs and Danny, 13, enjoyed his kingdom upstairs.  The decor kept us in the spirit of the mountains, and the layout kept us together as a family.  We all enjoyed the morning deer visits and the canopy of stars at night.--The Roberts Family from Texas

What a great cabin!  We wish we could stay longer.  Two of our boys, ages 8 and 12, had a great time sleeping in the loft.  Our teenager liked the loft in the TV room downstairs.  Our SUV loved the challenge of Sawmill Road!  Something for everyone here!  ...Thank you to our hosts for creating a wonderful Rocky Top Cabin experience.
The O'Connors, Plymouth, MI

Everything about the cabin was perfect.  It immediately felt like home to all of us, and although we were gone much of the time visiting the park, we always looked forward to getting back.  Dad and the boys enjoyed the excellent selection of movies, and mom and daughter enjoyed the great places to curl up with a good book.  ... We loved the Montana Morning bath products...
--The Spencers, Canton, MI

at a fantastic place to celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss...The cabin and it's proximity to Yellowstone was perfect.  -- Bill & Deb, Powhatan, VA

Thank you so much for opening your wonderful cabin.  It's such a warm and comfortable place to return to after a long day in the park, and we found ourselves lingering over a fire in the mornings.  --Mark and Kathy, MN

 "He hath made His wonderful works to be remembered He hath showed His people the power of His works" Ps111:4,6
These two verses so describe our wonderful time here.  Thank you for allowing us to stay in your cabin!  We thank you, Gary, for all the info & helpful hints of places to go/see.  I think we did most of them!   --Kilgus Family, Remington Ind.

And just a few more ...

A very comfortable and nicely appointed cabin in a spectacular setting.  We enjoyed our short stay immensely and Donna was kind, helpful and very nice.  We particularly appreciated the well stocked cupboards and the fine linens.  --Jeannie, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

We have had a very good stay.  Saw grizzly in the park and pair of moose came down to the cabin one evening.  The cabin is very comfortable and a great place to relax in the evenings.   -Richard, Jackie, John and Edward, Yorkshire, England

Perfection!  --The Matthews, Pt. Orchard, Wa

Wonderful experience in the beautiful mountain cabin.  We enjoyed lovely days of sun & a great day with snow.  We come from Southern Clifornia and loved seeing the snow falling!  The cabin was perfect - we had great linens, wonderful at home dinners, and great views from every window.  Got up early to enjoy sunrises several times.  We especially enjoyed walks at Kersey Lake and Crazy Creek.  Easy access to Yellowstone and great drives on the Beartooth and Chief Joseph Highway.  The quiet and spaciousness were the best for the two of us to celebrate the joy of our 7 year wedding anniversary.  --John & Vivan, Laguna Niguel, CA

Absolutely charming cabin nicely decorated & cozy.  Beautiful setting.  First trip to Yellowstone & Grand Tetons; both parks were well worth the trip.  Saw all kinds of wildlife, including our favorites:  Moose, bear, and wolves. 
--Mike & Darline, Highland, IL

Howdy Ya'll from Oklahoma!  Our experience in Montana was our best vacation! The cabin was fantastic. It was so cozy and warm.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  We experienced our first snowfall in June!  We couldn't believe all the weather changes.  It would be sunny then all of a suddden snowing.  Yellowstone was amazing!    We saw so many animals and natural wonders that you could only experience in Yellowstone.  The cabin was so secluded and the silence and peacefulness was just what we needed.  Thank you for making our Montana experience the greatest. --The Parkhurst Family

What a great vacation.  ...The cabin exceeded our expectations.  --The Coombs Family, Provo, Utah

Thanks for a wonderful place for all of us to stay while we enjoyed Montana.  As usual, the fishing and wildlife were super and the weather also.  Your cabin is very lovely. -- The Pattersons
What a beautifual place to stay inside and out!  Flyfishermen, photographers and I will all remember this trip in years to come as a time for family and friendship in an incredibly wonderful place.  Thanks for sharing it with us. --Lisa, Arlee and John

 Arriving from Houston, Texas ...What a great place!  What a fantastic time!  We so enjoyed every day we spent on this vacation.  To all who follow:  Make sure you take advantage of the information materials in the gameroom.  The Park was so much more vivid and meaningful after reading and using the books as a guide in Yellowstone.  ...If you are adventuresome, check out the Yamaha shop in Cooke City for ATV rentals.  We spent a half day running the trails and loving every minute of it.  ...It was nice to know when we left the Park late in the day that we had such a lovely place to come back to.  We felt so comfortable and relaxed.  Make sure you keep your eyes out for all different types of nature's animals.  ...this was definitely a memorable vacation.--Sheila, Russel, Jeremy and Luke

The cabin couldn't have been any nicer!  Really appreciate all the effort put into decorating it -- from the hide rug and antler chandelier to the rustic furniture and the neat odds and ends.  Weather was a little snowy and cold, but it was nice to always return to such  cozy cabin.  Our visit to Yellowstone Park likewise proved to be a source of enjoyment.  The Lamar Valley was a haven of wildlife:  buffalo, moose, coyote, elk, pronghorn antelope, black bear, badgers, mountain goat.  ... Thank you once again for the lovely place to stay along with its surroundings.  --Bill, Kandee, Casey and Adam, Moundsville, West Virginia

 The cabin is certainly the nicest place to stay near Yellowstone.  It is beautifully made and maintained and the neighbors are super nice and friendly.  In fact everyone in Montana is friendly.  Maybe it's because we are from NYC.  We thoroughly enjoyed the silence of our stay in the Beartooth mountains.  - The Casey and Booth Families

What a splendid place this is!  Everything is tasteful and makes you feel like home.  Plus the setting cannot be beat.  There are more stars than we have ever seen and to sleep with silence and the rushing stream is awesome.  We had a ball and were made to feel so welcome.  Marmots sunned on the rocks and a mouse was up above the cabin.  This cannot be beat.  -- The Forcum and Seibert Families, Mode, IL

 Four guys from Alabama are totally impressed with our friend's cabin tucked away in the woods of Montana!  What a great getaway.  Especially enjoyed the views from the cabin. --Larkin, Scott, Gayle, Lee

 We had a great time at the cabin, we loved getting up in the morning and sitting on the porch looking at the mountains.-Ezra, Tammy, Debbie and Matthew

Our friends told us about the cabin and we jumped at the chance to leave NYC for a few days.  What a terrific place -- the cabin is wonderfaul and the silence of the Beartooths is amazing ...  Saw moose, elk, coyotes, bison, the Sawmill fox and the wolves -- those were the best.  The scope in the cabin made all the difference.  -- Justine and Christina

 After months of planning and anticipation we were finally here!  Neither the cabin nor Yellowstone disappointed.  We had an absolutely enchanted visit.   ...  We saw a lot of wildlife including coyotes and deer at the cabin.   Thank you for all of the extra touches that made this so special.  --Pam, Gene and Katie, McKinney, TX


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