The Montana
Rocky Top Cabin
in Yellowstone Country

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Just Fur Kids

Penned by Kids!


"The cabin was great!  We would get here around 10 pm and couldn't wait to start a fire!  We saw a deer and a bear lick the salt lick.  We also saw footprints of a moose.  The loft was fun, climbing up and down everyday.  We always got a giant fire going, thanks to your great fireplace.  My mom loved the view, she would wake up every morning and open the blinds immediately.  I lost a tooth here!  Must be our good luck cabin.  We loved the movies. I wish we could stay longer. This cabin is so cool.  The baby loved the radio."

--Dustin, 8, CA


"What a wonderful time I had here.  There are so many amazing things here, and I loved to watch all of the wildlife everywhere.  The view from the windows are beautiful!  My favorite part of the cabin was the Loft." 

--Zoe, 10, PA


"This place is awesome.  I love the view from the windows.  I also like the stain glass window!  I love that you have a lot of nature in your house.

--Grace, 9, PA


"We had a great time and loved our stay.  We saw a moose in your yard - A mom and her baby!  Well, we thought the cabin was wonderful."

--Samantha, 9, and Cameron, 10, CA


"Thank you for a great place to stay.  We saw two moose and three bears, wolves, coyote, mule deer, bald eagle, mountain goat, bison, antelope - they were cool.  We saw tons of other animals too, but those were my favorites.  The cabin was great, thanks again." 

--Maddi, 9, IL




 Kids of all ages love the Montana Rocky Top Cabin!  But some of the reasons may surprise you.  Yes, kids love the loft, they love the movie collection, and they love climbing around on the huge granite outcroppings that surround the cabin.   They love the WILDLIFE around the cabin and in the Park, and they are prepared to list in detail every eagle, moose, bear, wolf, fox, trout, mouse they spotted... just ask, please!  But what kids really love the most -- and we have scientific proof in the form of a "guest journal," -- is being together with their family!  

 Our Choice for Best Game -- Great Fun for Kids and Parents too!


Click on the Wolf Quest box above...Learn about wolf ecology by living the life of a wild wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Play alone or with friends in on-line multiplayer missions, explore the wilderness, hunt elk, and encounter stranger wolves in your quest to find a mate. Ultimately, your success will depend on forming a family pack, raising pups, and ensuring the survival of your pack.

Furry and Feathered Kids!

As with all vacations, a little advance preparation makes the trip more enjoyable.  When traveling to Yellowstone, a field guide to wildlife and some binoculars are mandatory gear!  Becoming familiar in advance with some of the furry and feathered kids of the forest, their tracks (aka footprints) and their scat (aka poop) will pay off!  C'mon, you're not skiddish about scat, are you?   

For the Best in Travel Guides and Educational material, visit the Yellowstone Association's online bookstore.  Yes, here you will find a book on Tracks and Scat, and for young kids, we recommend "Who pooped in the Park?"

Did You Know...
"There are more people hurt by bison than by bears each year in Yellowstone. Park regulations state that visitors must stay at least 25 yards away from bison or elk and 100 yards away from bears."
-- The National Park Service

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